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Our Services

Architectural Design of Single Family Residences

We are a full service architectural design firm and the following are a list of some of the services we offer:


Site selection and feasibility analysis

Existing conditions drawings for existing buildings

Concept design

Energy modeling

Design and detailing for new construction as well as rehabilitation projects

Interior design

Renderings and 3D models

Cost estimation

Bid management and construction administration

Residential Energy Modeling

During the course of the design process we are always making models; 2D or 3D, by hand or on the computer.  One type of modeling we do is to simulate the energy usage of the building.  This we do early in the process and frequently thereafter to give us feedback on the energy performance of the design and part of its environmental footprint.    As a result it allows us to shape the design to better fit the site conditions where the house is being built.  It also gives us an estimate of the relative energy costs of certain design decisions.  Although we have also included this service in the description above we feel it merits its own description here as well. 

Architectural Design of Multi-Family Residences

For multi-family housing projects we offer the same list of services as for single family and also assemble and appropritely sized team of consultants to address areas of design specific to larger projects.  These may include: structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing, and civil engineers for example,  We coordinate the efforts of the consultants and shape the design into a whole though collaboration with the consultant team.  We frequently bring in the engineering team to "brainstorm" at the begining of a project.  


For more information on larger projects that we do please visit our website: or click on the image below.

Sustainable Design

The environmental footprint and the sustainability of a house is composed of many features and in order to successfully navigate through this your goals must be established at the begining.  We help you to create these goals and explain these concerns and what they would mean for the design.  We are familiar with all the major Green Building rating systems: LEED, Passive House, Living Building Challenge.  We will organize this at the outset and manage the components as the project progresses.  We will let you know what the options are discuss them with you thoroughly.  


The sustainablity goals need to fit you  and you need to be comfortable with them as they will inform every aspect of the design.

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